"only if there are angles in your head will

you ever, possibly, see one.

- Mary Oliver

Brendan McInerney is a documentary filmmaker and photographer living in New York City. His work has allowed him to learn about small, rural communities in Moldova, Colombia, Ireland and the United States.

He recently graduated from Columbia Journalism School’s documentary film specialization where he began working on Criminal Intelligence—a film about a wrongful arrest due to an erroneous facial recognition match. He, along with his film making partner Sanjna Selva, directed, produced, shot and edited Spa City Revolutionary—a film about a Black Lives Matter activist facing surveillance by the FBI while organizing in Saratoga Springs, NY.

His work has been recognized by the Eddie Adams Workshop, the Missouri Photo Workshop, the Magnum Foundation and Double Exposure Film Festival. He has received support from the Queens Council on the Arts, the American Society of Media Professionals. He also spent nine years working as assistant and lighting technician for photographers such as Diana Markosian, Jamel Shabazz and Bruce Gilden.

He seeks to demonstrate the veiled and obstructing forces shaping our society—from algorithmic bias to white supremacy—as he documents the evolving legacy of the American empire.

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